Virginia democrats face long lines in fourth congressional primary

Published: Dec. 20, 2022 at 1:46 PM EST
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RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Long lines to vote is the current headline for Tuesday’s Democratic primary in Virginia’s fourth congressional district, as four candidates battle it out on the ballot.

They are State Senator Jennifer McClellan, State Senator Joe Morrissey, Founder of Commonwealth Equal Tavorise Marks and Petersburg attorney Joseph Preston.

Tuesday morning, McClellan stopped by Diversity Thrift in Richmond to vote in the Democratic party-run primary.

“I’m ready to take that record and my hard work and tenacity for them to Congress to do even more,” said Jennifer McClellan, (D) Candidate for VA-04.

Meanwhile, Morrissey voted at a very busy location in Highland Springs in Henrico County.

“It was freezing this morning. I’ve taken layers off, but we’ve had a steady turnout all day. It’s a beautiful day. Literally, hundreds and hundreds of people have already come through these doors,” said Joe Morrissey, (D) Candidate for VA-04.

Across the fourth district, the democratic party set up eight voting locations, mainly around the metro-Richmond area.

In Petersburg, the line was out the door, and down the sidewalk, at a polling site inside Tabernacle Baptist Church.

“I don’t think people have been really satisfied with some of the other candidates on the ballot and that’s why I got involved in this race,” said Joseph Preston, (D) VA-04 Candidate.

Candidates Marks and Preston spent time south of Richmond to connect with voters there, hoping a focus on Petersburg will turn things in their direction.

“I’m really surprised with turnout of our fellow democrats. Our enthusiasm is through the roof. We feel like we have a good message and we’re connecting with a lot of people,” said Tavorise Marks, (D) VA-04 Candidate.

The Democratic Party of Virginia says 26,464 voters turned out Tuesday for the primary election compared to the 563 voters that showed up for the GOP primary election on Saturday.

Whoever emerges as a winner on the Democratic side will go up against republican Leon Benjamin.

Governor Glenn Youngkin set Feb. 21 as the date for that special election to fill the late Donald McEachin’s seat in Congress.

Voters will have to wait until Wednesday to see who is declared the winner. The Democratic Party of Virginia says vote counting will start at 10 a.m., and it could take a couple of hours for the process to be completed.