Daily Henrico substitutes will receive pay bump on Fridays

The pay bump only applies to certain types of substitute teachers
Published: Dec. 9, 2022 at 5:32 PM EST
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HENRICO, Va. (WWBT) - Teacher shortages are nothing new for Henrico schools, nor is the shortage of good substitutes.

So, Henrico County Public Schools is looking to give substitutes a bigger incentive. More pay on Fridays when staffing levels are the lowest.

As school staff requests off for a long weekend, Henrico schools find it harder to fill classrooms with teachers on the final day of the school week.

Henrico School’s Spokesperson Eileen Cox says that’s why they are boosting pay on Fridays by $25. That means a substitute can make $131 on that day.

Monday through Thursday’s pay rate would still be $106.

The pay bump will go into effect on Jan. 6 and only applies to daily substitutes who can be called up at a moment’s notice, not long-term board subs or those assigned to certain schools.

Candidates for substitute teachers must be 18 or older and have earned at least 60 credit hours toward an associate degree or bachelor’s degree.

“We found that the need has increased this year as opposed to previous years, and we anticipate that that will probably continue as teacher shortages continue,” Cox said.

She says the district is currently down 745 daily substitutes this year compared to 535 last year.

She says recruiting has been difficult as school staffing has faced many challenges brought on by the pandemic.

“When you layer in a pandemic, schedules that have fluctuated between hybrid and in-person, and now we’re getting back to a more normal schedule, that takes a toll on everyone, it takes a toll, everyone, in our community, everyone in our school community, our students, families, and our teachers are no different,” Cox said.

She says it’s not just substitute teachers the school division has been struggling to hire.

Cox says they’re still looking to recruit full-time teachers and bus drivers.