Special delivery: Woman gets chance to recognize outstanding mail carrier

Neither snow, nor rain, nor 90-degree Virginia heat and humidity can stop Darryl Greene from doing his job.
Published: Aug. 23, 2022 at 8:09 PM EDT
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RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - USPS mail carrier Darryl Greene is just about ready to get his day started.

After a few final preps in his delivery van, he’s on his way.

Neither snow, nor rain, nor 90-degree Virginia heat and humidity can stop him from doing his job.

“Actually, the hardest part is the most enjoyable part. I like being out in the elements. I get to interact with other people,” said Greene.

For 40 years, he has taken great pride in delivering the mail with a smile.

Shirley Duffer says she’s one of the lucky ones to have him as her mailman.

“He’s one of the best young men I have ever seen, and that includes my grandsons,” Duffer said. “He’s always friendly, and he’s just one of those people that you remember.”

The pair met at the cluster of mailboxes at the front of Duffer’s complex.

Two and a half years ago, Greene took over the route and saw Duffer struggling to get to the mailbox.

“I walk with a walker, and I’ve just started wearing a knee brace. So it is hard for me to get around,” she said.

Greene says he wasn’t going to stand by and let that happen. They came up with a system where he could personally deliver her mail whether she’s home or not.

It made all the difference and their relationship has blossomed ever since.

“I actually call her mom,” said Greene.

“He’s tall and here I am down here, but I hug him anyway,” said Duffer, who nominated Greene for the NBC 12 Acts of Kindness.

With the help of his boss, we managed to coordinate a special delivery.

“I was kind of concerned because I didn’t know whether something had happened to her. So my heart was kind of pounding all the way here,” said Greene.

Little did he know, the surprise of a lifetime was on the way. After a few kind words and of course a hug, Duffer was able to give Greene a small token of her appreciation - $300 in cash and a $50 gift card to Mexico restaurant.

A few neighbors even came over to celebrate him as well.

“It’s just an awesome privilege to be of help, to know that you matter to someone and that they matter to you,” said Greene.

It was a moment that made him think of someone he will always keep close to his heart.

“I’m actually thinking about my mom in particular right now. I know that if she was here she would be so proud of this moment,” said Greene.

Duffer has never spoken to Greene about his mother, but she says, " I can only imagine because I think he must have had a wonderful mother.”

Greene says this entire experience reminded him of one of his mother’s favorite Bible verses, which comes from the book of Acts: “There is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving.”

So when you give of yourself, your time, your efforts to people, it creates an emotional attachment.

Two strangers, who met by random circumstance, have now signed and sealed their friendship with love.