Former Acts of Kindness recipient now in need of help

Earnie Taylor's friends hope the community can help out even more.
Published: Jul. 12, 2022 at 6:06 PM EDT
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RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Your initial introduction to Earnie Taylor was in January 2020. At the time, he was the man behind “Backpacks for the Homeless.”

The program aimed to supply those less fortunate with hygiene items, water bottles, granola bars, socks, hats, gloves and more.

It was a true passion of his.

Taylor always understood the harsh realities of life and how an unexpected event can snowball into something much greater.

Kimberly Petet is his longtime friend.

“This has literally happened to the man who has done so much to help the homeless. His lifestyle has completely changed,” says Petet.

Taylor brings us up to speed on his story.

“Well, it started in February of last year. I wound up breaking my toe, and it became a much bigger issue. Part of my foot is gone now,” said Taylor.

“Backpacks for the Homeless” is now being run by someone else.

Taylor says his medical bills are piling up. He can’t stand for more than four hours, and he needs a partial prosthetic to keep his foot stabilized. Because of that, he can’t work.

“When your income stops, everything that you had as a resource burns up pretty quick,” said Taylor.

Acknowledging Taylor’s struggles, Petet says, “He has surrounded himself with people in need, and now all of a sudden he is in need, and it seems like no one is in a place to help him.”

So Petet, along with two of Taylor’s friends, Michael Tucker and Nick Curry, reached out to NBC12 for some help.

“The crazy thing is that Earnie never lets on that he’s in the struggle,” said Tucker.

“Earnie has always been in a place where he wants to help others, and I think it’s time the tables have turned and we give back to him,” said Curry.

They presented him with $300 in cash and a $50 gift card to Mexico Restaurant.

The first time we gave Earnie an Acts of Kindness in 2020, he didn’t keep it for himself. He gave it back to the homeless community.

This time it’s to help him personally.

“I hope as a community we can come together and look at what he has started for this community and maybe pull together and help the guy out,” said Petet.

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