Richmond-area gas prices just pennies away from breaking all-time record

Drivers are paying more at the pump as the cost of gasoline surges close to record-highs.
Published: May. 9, 2022 at 6:52 PM EDT
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RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) -As gas prices soar nationwide, many are feeling the pain at the pump once again here at home in the Richmond area.

Many hoped the worst of it was over weeks ago, but now costs are inching back towards the all-time record high average back in March 2022.

Virginia’s gas price average is up 17 cents in the past week, 23 cents in the past month, and $1.46 more than this day last year.

Today’s state average, sitting at $4.22, is just 3 cents away from tying the all-time record high for the state of $4.25 set nearly two months ago on March 11.

These high prices are forcing people to reconsider how often and how far they travel. Not to mention, it puts a strain on businesses that depend on drivers.

“When I look at the prices I’m like wow,” Illya Davis, Owner of Anytime Plumbing, said.

Davis says pain at the pump means a strain on his business.

“It hits the bottom line with everybody, with my employees, we have to cut back and we’re charging more for service calls, it’s hard for me to go and do a free estimate these days because of the gas prices,” he said.

He’s now offering clients pricing over the phone because it’s costing far more than usual to drive out and do estimates in person.

“By me owning a plumbing company, the expense is, to some degree, to carry it on to the customer because we’re paying high gas prices,” he said.

Richard Lewis is altering his routine due to the surging cost of gas.

“I try to stay home a little bit more and try to eliminate trips that aren’t necessary. I try to combine errands all into one trip, just do what’s necessary to be efficient,” Lewis said.

AAA says these are just a few examples of how rising gas prices are changing the lives of people in Virginia.

“Almost 45% of people said they’re taking fewer trips or shorter trips because of gas prices,” AAA Spokesperson Morgan Dean said.

Dean says some folks will put their summer travel plans on hold completely.

“For the nearly 25% of Virginia residents who are staying home or who aren’t yet sure about traveling this summer, almost half of them did cite gas prices as a major factor for them deciding not to travel,” Dean said.

He also says diesel prices, hovering around $5.50 a gallon, will impact your wallet even if you don’t drive a large truck.

“All those trucks that are delivering goods to stores, they rely upon diesel and when they’re paying higher prices for diesel like some point, it’s going to be passed on to the consumer in higher-priced goods,” Dean said.

The big question is: when could we see some relief?

AAA says it’s hard to say, especially as crude oil prices remain high, giving little hope that we will see a difference anytime soon at the pump.

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