Governor amends marijuana bill, some products would be banned

Governor amends marijuana bill, some products would be banned
Governor amends marijuana bill, some products would be banned
Published: Apr. 13, 2022 at 6:57 PM EDT
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Mechanicsville, Va. (WWBT) - CBD stores across Virginia are bracing for changes that could come with SB591, also known as the marijuana bill.

The bill was proposed by Sen. Emmett Hanger who introduced the bill to help protect kids from ingesting CBD/THC products. It was met with frustrations from hemp business owners and farmers who were worried about losing their jobs.

The amendments Hanger said makes the bill less restrictive than originally proposed, but businesses are still impacted.

Hanger tells NBC12, some gummies that include hemp and marijuana would be illegal. All products that include Delta 8 would be also be illegal. Delta 8 is a synthetic cannabinoid that Hanger said poses great health risks.

“We should be concerned about this type of product because being able to be retailed out in the marketplace because it can have a significant impact on the health and safety of consumers,” Hanger said.

Delta 8 can be found in most CBD gummies, creams, and oils. Making it illegal could cut revenue and push many products off the shelves.

“It’s kind of funny he mentions Delta 8 being synthetically made it can be made very cleanly and very beneficial to the body but it’s no different than synthesizing every prescription drug,” Nick Czatt said, owner of Your CBD Store Mechanicsville.

Although a synthetic, Czatt said Delta 8 has several benefits. “I do have a lot of customers who like Delta 8. For what it is whether they are using it to sleep or it actually takes away they’re back pain,” Czatt said.

Another change to bill includes a 21 and older age requirement on all products.

We believe it’s something [that] we’ve allowed - probably allowed it to go too far at this point so it may be tough to pull back some of this,” Hanger said.

Hanger is confident the bill will pass. If so, the law will go into effect by October.

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