Telemedicine company brings virtual COVID test program to Virginia schools

Published: Feb. 24, 2022 at 11:22 PM EST
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RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - With mask mandates gone in Virginia schools, districts are relying more on mitigation efforts like testing to keep kids in the classroom.

That’s why Peter Gallic, CEO of Proven, uses telehealth to ensure COVID-19 tests are done accurately, all while remaining virtual.

“Our goal is to have the least amount of people exposed to catch any infections prior to it becoming a widespread event,” Gallic said, “Testing has come to the point where we can give you a kit, and you can take it home, and we can watch you do it and walk you through it.”

Proven is a telemedicine company that brings together telemedicine solutions through your phone or computer so that a person can do a doctor’s appointment or a testing solution virtually.

“As long as we give people specific instructions, we could watch them do a test right there, and the verification procedures that we do online are the same as if you had a nurse sitting in front of you,” Gallic said.

“What we’re able to do is a test to stay in school programs,” Proven Cheif Marketing Officer JP Robinson said.

The virtual testing program works by Proven first delivering bilingual test flyers with QR codes, in addition to Rapid COVID tests, to schools or businesses they have partnered with. From there, if a child or an adult is exposed at a school or business, that person would go home, scan the QR code, and a testing proctor would appear on their computer screen or phone. The proctor would then walk them through the test step by step to record results accurately.

Gallic says the test proctors are available every day from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.

“On any given day, we can handle 3,000 calls every 30 minutes,” Gallic said. “We can expand that to 10,000 every 30 minutes pretty rapidly.”

Gallic says Proven has virtual testing programs in 17 states and approximately 150 schools nationwide. Recently, Gallic says the company has partnered with First Call PPE and in New Jersey and Virginia to bring that virtual testing program to nearly 70 schools, including Richmond Public Schools.

“Richmond Public School is a place where the kids are doing tests five days in a row when they do this program, and that’s something we’ve been really excited to be a part of,” First Call PPE Chief Administrative Officer Autumn Pullen said. “Proven has virtual proctoring already set up, so we’re able to source and deliver the over counter tests, and they are able to provide that proctoring. And we can really work together to roll that out to schools and the community that want to take advantage of this program.”

Proven’s Chief Marketing Director JP Robinson believes in opportunities to expand beyond the pandemic.

“If you’ve got allergy testing that needs to be done, vaccine verification, or you want someplace to keep your vaccinations all in one house; well, Proven and the FirstCall does that in a HIPAA compliant way that allows you to have all those records and do all that testing at once,” Robinson said.

Businesses and school systems that would like to begin a virtual testing program are asked to reach out to Proven HERE and First Call PPE HERE.

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