Eviction hearings in central Virginia picking up since moratorium ended

Published: Feb. 24, 2022 at 3:09 PM EST
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ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - “Before someone is headed to face the judge, they should, number one, know that it needs to be taken seriously,” AC Rieman, NBC29′s legal analyst, said.

Rieman says eviction hearings aren’t a joke, and there’s been more of them since the eviction moratorium came to a halt.

“Landlords are enforcing their rights and, unfortunately, tenants now could end up back on the streets unless they prove that they were in compliance with that agreement,” she said.

Following your lease and being able to prove it can come to your defense if you end up before a judge.

“The landlord is not going to succeed unless they’re able to prove good cause,” Rieman said. “Do you have a lease agreement? Is there something in writing that you can rely on and refer to and bring with you to court to prove to the that you’re actually not in default?”

It’s important to know there’s resources for people who could be facing eviction, like the Piedmont Housing Alliance.

“Much better off for everybody, for landlords, for tenants for the community at-large is to get out in front of the problem, provide those supports that people need,” PHA Program Manager Dave Norris said.

PHA recently received $250,000 from the state that will aid in funding two positions aiding at risk renters.

“Anybody who’s identified as somebody who’s at-risk of eviction will have access not only to the case management and landlord navigation services through the VERT grant, but also the other services that are available through the Financial Opportunity Centers,” Norris said.

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