Giles County child kidnapping case heads to grand jury

Nancy Fridley will appear in Giles County court for grand jury
Nancy Fridley will appear in Giles County court for grand jury(WDBJ7)
Published: Dec. 16, 2021 at 1:42 PM EST
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GILES COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ) - Five witnesses were called to take the stand and testify Thursday morning in Giles County Court as Nancy Fridley faces abduction and child abuse and neglect charges for an incident that happened in early May of this year.

Thursday morning’s testimony provided probable cause against Nancy Fridley for felony abduction and child abuse and neglect after being accused of taking a 2-year-old boy from a Giles County church nursery. The boy was found safe the next day in Alleghany County, and there is no known prior link between Fridley and the boy’s family.

When the child’s mom took the stand, she described the boy as having struggles he didn’t before May 2. She said she and her husband have had to sleep on the floor of the child’s room to comfort him at night, and that “at times he was like a wild animal” when referring to the look in his eyes and the fear he had following the incident. She said “there was no peace about him” when describing his behavior after the abduction. She says that while his behavior has improved, he still struggles to remain clam when certain things trigger him.

The two nursery workers who were in the room with the child when he was taken also testified. Both workers said they felt somewhat uneasy allowing the child to leave with the woman, but said the boy nodded when asked if he knew her, and that it wasn’t uncommon for other people to pick up children from the church nursery. One worker followed Fridley and the boy out of the room, and snapped a picture of them before leaving the church. That worker says she saw Fridley pick up the boy and run in the church parking lot before driving off in a car.

A Virginia State Trooper and FBI Special Agent provided clarification on the investigation that led them to Fridley, and her alleged boyfriend Bobby Taylor. Authorities spotted Fridley getting into a car with the boy in a trailer park about 25 hours after the abduction, where she was arrested.

The defense proposed a motion to eliminate the child abuse and neglect charge, but the judge denied that motion.

The case will continue to a grand jury. That will take place January 11.

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