A look inside Amazon Pharmacy

Published: Dec. 3, 2021 at 4:59 PM EST
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RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Amazon got in the pharmacy game a year ago and, as with any new service, there are always questions about how it works and can it help customers save money.

Kyle James with the website did a price comparison to see if it’s worth it. He called around for the price of some popular brand-name drugs at some big-name pharmacies like Walmart, Walgreens, CVS and Costco. He found most of the prices were all in the same range, but Amazon Pharmacy did have an edge on generic drug prices.

“I found them to be very comparable to Costco,” said James. “So if you get your drugs from Costco and you don’t want to go in or you don’t want to renew your membership, Amazon Pharmacy has some potential.“

Amazon Pharmacy sends prescriptions through the mail like any other online pharmacy. The difference is if you have an Amazon Prime membership, you get Prime pricing.

James says Amazon Pharmacy accepts most healthcare, if your child is sick and you need an antibiotic the same day and don’t want to wait for it to arrive in the mail. He says amazon gives you a prime pricing card.

“It tells you what this drug is going to cost down at CVS or down at a Walmart and you can actually take this little card, this Amazon Prime pricing card in to any pharmacy that you want, and you are going to get that price,” said James.

When you sign-up Amazon will look up your insurance info and let you know in an email if Amazon Pharmacy is covered by your plan.

Those without health insurance, or a good prescription drug plan, can still get “Prime pricing”.

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