Representative Abigail Spanberger searching for change after mail delay survey

Published: Oct. 22, 2021 at 5:48 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - More than 1,500 people responded to a survey about the U.S Postal Service from 7th District Representative Abigail Spanberger. They’re demanding change, and Spanberger says she wants to make it happen.

“Across the board, we’ve heard responses from central Virginians that are heart wrenching,” Spanberger said.

The problem goes beyond people just not getting their mail. Spanberger says it’s personal.

“Particularly for our veteran community who rely on the Postal Service to deliver their medications, for seniors who rely on the Postal Service to deliver medication,” she said. “I spoke with one constituent who had recently lost her husband and knew, in fact, that there were likely condolence cards waiting to make their way to her home.”

Other common responses were people not getting their mail-in ballots, and small businesses not receiving necessary supplies.

“My concerns continue to be that the U.S. Postal Service is vital,” Spanberger said. “Not just to the individual experiences of the constituents who’ve told us about their their particular challenges, but it’s vital to commerce across central Virginia.”

The question now is will there be any improvement after this survey?

“There has to be,” Spanberger said. “And so I’m going to continue working this issue until we see substantial change.”

Spanberger says she is touring post offices and different facilities to try to find the root of the problem.

“We have a formal inquiry out to the post office to find out some particulars of the issues facing the central Virginia area,” Spanberger said. “So I’m looking forward to that formal response so that I can continue to do advocacy.”

Spanberger sent this survey out three times since August 2020. This ongoing issue may need help beyond central Virginia.

“I need to input information from the postmaster to understand operationally where the challenges and hurdles are so that if there are issues that need to be remedied from Washington D.C. or from the postmaster general, that I can go ahead and make those requests,” Spanberger said.

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