Spotlight on Governor’s Race: Meet Princess Blanding

Published: Oct. 10, 2021 at 5:53 PM EDT|Updated: Oct. 13, 2021 at 3:30 PM EDT
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RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Princess Blanding is offering up a different choice for liberals. She’s tired of the dominant, two-party system, and is slowly chipping away at it.

”What I quickly saw was that our legislators were very performative and that they were only willing to deliver crumbs when the people were crying and begging for a full course meal,” Princess Blanding, (LP) Candidate for Virginia Governor, said. Blanding says those crumbs include the removal of confederate statues and declaring Juneteenth a state holiday.

But it was Richmond’s uprising in the summer of 2020 that showed her those in power need to do more and why she needed to act. Blanding is running for governor, as a Liberation Party candidate, and is the first woman of color to make the ballot.

”We know that the forces are not in our favor however we’re going to spend our energy on reaching every Virginian so they know that we are a choice on the ballot,” Blanding said.

Challenging the system is what Blanding does. She wants Democrats in Richmond to stop passing what she calls, weak, watered-down legislation. Blanding wants to end qualified immunity for police which is a sticking point for Democrats in full control at the state capitol.

”We can no longer continue to beg our oppressors to be our saviors because they’re not going to,” Blanding said. In December, she even blasted current Governor Ralph Northam, and others, at a ceremony for legislation that established the ‘Marcus Alert system’, a measure that will establish a statewide mental health awareness response and community understanding services.

”Marcus is with me every single day,” Blanding said. Blanding often thinks of her brother, Marcus-David Peters. In 2018, a Richmond Police officer shot and killed Peters who was having a mental health crisis.

NBC12 spoke with Blanding at the circle which now bears her brother’s name.

”It is time that we expand our fight from the streets and into the seats of these key elected positions,” Blanding said.

Blanding says a vote for her isn’t a voter for a republican. All she asks is that you look at the themes of her campaign: humanity and equity.

”I am not a career politician and so I make sure that I ground myself and that I’m constantly keeping my ears to the ground and what the people are calling for,” Blanding said.

Blanding was excluded from the only two debates in the governor’s race. She did make her voice heard at the last one by stopping the event to make her point about the two-party system being so dominant.

Click here to view Princess Blanding’s campaign website.

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