‘It’s a dream come true.’ New owners restore historic Christiansburg inn

Published: Sep. 20, 2021 at 7:07 PM EDT
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CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. (WDBJ) - A historical home in Christianburg has new ownership.

Jason and Shannon Magenheimer recently brought the ‘The Oaks Victorian Inn’.

Shannon says growing up in the area, she called the home ‘the princess’ house. She never thought one day they would own it.

The Oaks Victorian Inn sits right on East Main Street next to one of four historic 400-year-old trees.

“The dream of ever owning this was always a dream, and then now here we are living in this beautiful, beautiful place and I had never seen the inside of it until really this past May when we took full ownership,” said Blacksburg native Shannon Roberts-Magenheimer.

Shannon and her husband Jason bought the house earlier in 2021 after years of working in hospitality.

“But, I in the hotel industry not only went through one but two layoffs in a year, and it was time to come back home and I came home to spend family time and that’s when I discovered that the house was actually up for sale and asked to go see it,” said Shannon.

She walked into the home, looked around, took lots of pictures to show her husband, and knew they had found their next adventure.

“When I drove up, coming from Oregon was the first time that I saw this house in real life. And it was amazing,” said Oregon native Jason Magenheimer

They spent months restoring it from top to bottom-- intending to preserve its history and create a new experience for anyone who visits.

“Our vision is, as hoteliers our background is to make a high-end stay experience boutique-style with... we brought in brand new bedding linens, high-end amenities, and then we just have truly brought the experience of the era of the house with antiques working with local antique dealers, and we want the community to feel like it’s their home too and come and experience it,” said Shannon.

The inn was originally built by William Pierce as a wedding gift to his wife Julia in the 19th century. They raised seven children there.

“We just want people to get it. When they come in and feel an experience where maybe it was like back in the day, pictures in the hotel will portray that they can maybe step back in time a little bit,” said Jason.

The two aren’t strangers to the New River Valley; they founded the New River Coffee Company. The couple brought their coffee expertise to the inn, offering a door-side café service alongside fresh baked goods.

“Not only are we saving the house; I feel like it kind of saved us too, you know, and we’re creating a dream that we’ve always wanted to have our own business again. And we certainly have the experience, why not do it, you know, for us now, and so it’s wonderful.”

The house was named a state and national landmark in the 1990s and stands close to the Historical Wilderness Trail.

2021 upgrades to the house include new electrical, modernizing bathrooms, new Sterns and Foster luxury plush mattresses, high-speed wifi, upscale linens and electronics. Time period antiques and furnishings are also placed throughout the entire home.

The couple also lives on the third floor of the home and manages the inn together.

The Magenheimers hope to continue to build relationships in the community with their home and say they can’t wait for what the future holds.

To learn more, visit their website here.

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