Nearly 500 gallons of curdled milk poured into Pulaski storm drain

KTI LLC reports without their knowledge, employees began pouring of the spoiled milk into the...
KTI LLC reports without their knowledge, employees began pouring of the spoiled milk into the storm drain.(Pulaski County Emergency Services)
Published: Jul. 22, 2021 at 6:14 PM EDT
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PULASKI COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ) - Thousands of gallons of curdled milk spilled into a storm drain at the former Pulaski Furniture Company site Wednesday.

Trucking company KTI LLC reports it had a partial load of spoiled milk due to the breakdown of a refrigerated trailer.

The company reports without its knowledge, employees began pouring the spoiled milk into a storm drain.

Pulaski County Emergency Services reports about 373 gallons were removed from the affected area by Pulaski’s Public Works Department using vacuum trucks.

Officials report about 3,000 gallons of milk and water were also removed from the stream that feeds into Peak Creek.

“It was a good opportunity for educating the company on the process of how to be able to properly dispose of the material. The town of Pulaski—it’ll be up to them if they choose to seek reimbursement for their time and equipment. DEQ will be the agency that will determine if there’s going to be any fines per se,” said Brad Wright, the Pulaski County emergency management coordinator.

Responders report very little of the milk made its way from the stream into Peak Creek itself.

They also say the amount in the water will not have a negative impact on wildlife or the town’s water supply.

We did reach out to the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality and they report they’re still investigating with partner agencies such as the Virginia Department of Emergency Management. Officials say until they have more information about the event, they can’t provide information on next steps, but expect to have more information Friday.

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