Scott’s Addition store talks about impact of marijuana legalization

Published: Jun. 23, 2021 at 6:08 PM EDT
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RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Next Thursday, adults 21 and over in Virginia will be allowed to possess up to one ounce of marijuana in the Commonwealth.

The legalization of pot in Virginia will also allow people to grow up to four marijuana plants at home, per household.

Since the law passed in Virginia, Happy Trees Agricultural Supply, a store in Scott’s Addition that sells CBD and hemp products, says they’ve seen sales doubling for their planting supplies.

“We sell a whole lot of grow lights. We sell a whole lot of grow tents,” said Christopher Haynie, co-founder of Happy Trees Agricultural Supply. “We sell a whole lot of fertilizers.”

Josiah Ickes, a co-founder of Happy Trees Agricultural Supply, says they’ve seen more customers come in to ask questions about how to grow marijuana at home.

“As far as customers, we get all walks of life,” Ickes said. “We get all the way from elderly people who have never done anything with cannabis before all the way down to people who may have grown out in legal states.”

Under this legislation, Haynie says their store will not be able to grow or sell marijuana before 2024. They will also not be allowed to sell seeds used to grow the plant.

“Your friend can gift you seeds in private, provided you’re both over 21, but your friend getting those would still remain illegal somehow,” he said.

Haynie believes this area needs more clarification.

“People in Virginia deserve a little better than just being told they can start a plant, but you can’t get the material to start it in the state,” said Haynie. “It’s going to turn people to not so reputable black market sources for starting genetics and that’s really the most important part about growing any plant.”

Inside the Happy Trees store, Haynie is growing tomato plants they use as a teaching lab to demonstrate how people can grow marijuana safely at home.

“What we’ll be able to do is guide home growers through every step of the process to ensure they have a safe and successful harvest with minimal headaches,” he said.

Even though Happy Trees can’t sell the plant or seeds just yet, Ickes says they want to help the community understand the rules under this new law.

“We want to be that resource to help direct people to understand this plant,” he said.

The state also launched a Cannabis in Virginia website to help people understand what they can and can’t do with marijuana starting July 1.

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