‘They want to make sure I’m doing good’: Richmond family helps handicapped neighbor

Updated: Jun. 15, 2021 at 6:16 PM EDT
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RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - The handicap parking spot at Cabin Creek Apartments is an important part of Don Murr’s sense of independence - he’s a diabetic and he’s rebounding from major surgery.

“I had my toes cut off, then they started with the foot, and then I said, ‘let’s just take the leg,”' said Murr.

After the operation, he was determined to get back out there with the help of his prosthetic.

“Seven hours a day you do rehab, but it’s worth it. They get you up, and I never looked back. I kept on walking, and I’m still driving. You just have to be safe and know what you can do and don’t push it.”

So when it snows, Don usually stays in his apartment to avoid any possible dangers.

This past winter, he got a pleasant surprise.

“She got the whole car clean, it looked like it came off the showroom, it was unbelievable. Not to mention, her husband is out there shoveling the walkway so I could get around the car.”

Don is talking about his neighbors, Gabby Talbot and Wade Stanfield.

“It started with the sidewalk and I just led a path to the car,” said Gabby.

Wade had Don’s safety in mind as well.

“With that prosthetic, he could definitely slip.”

To Don’s surprise, that first time was a beginning of a friendship.

“This happened six or seven times. We would have some snow and ice, and they would go out there every time. I didn’t even have to ask them,” he said.

Wade and Gabby share three vibrant kids together, a puppy, jobs, and they still find time to check on Don during the week.

“Most people stay to themselves, but they want to make sure I’m doing good all the time, and it’s incredible,” said Don Murr.

Sometimes, the family will even make dinner, bring Don a plate, and watch as he enjoys some quality time with the kids and the family pet.

“It’s good to have somebody that’s next door to talk to, and he’s good to our children. He does just as much for us, as we do for him,” said Wade.

That mutual feeling of love and respect is what moved Don to reach out to NBC12 to surprise the couple with an “Acts of Kindness,” giving them $300 in cash and a gift card to Mexico Restaurant.

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