Man killed over grass clippings dispute with neighbor’s landscaper

Published: Jun. 9, 2021 at 3:44 AM EDT
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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. (KMOV) - A 29-year-old father from Missouri was fatally shot in his driveway after a dispute erupted between him and his neighbor’s landscaper, according to his fiancée.

The fiancée of 29-year-old Allen Waller describes his killing as senseless. She says they’ve been complaining to their neighbor for years about yard debris left behind by her landscaper. That dispute escalated to gun violence Sunday morning, and Waller was fatally shot.

“Senseless, four shots to the chest – why?” Waller’s fiancée said. “We were good people. Why?”

Allen Waller, 29, was fatally shot over a lawn care dispute with a neighbor's landscaper,...
Allen Waller, 29, was fatally shot over a lawn care dispute with a neighbor's landscaper, according to his fiancée.(Source: Family photos, KMOV via CNN)

Ring doorbell video shows the moments before and after the shooting. The neighbor brings two men to Waller’s doorstep. They go around the corner of the home out of frame.

Eight seconds go by, and the neighbor is seen sprinting across her yard. Soon after, the video shows a third man with a gun walking from a truck parked on the street.

“I went to go see my man. I see he’s on the ground. I immediately went in to grab my phone to call 911,” Waller’s fiancée said.

Waller’s fiancée suspects the man with the gun shot him point blank in the chest.

“I’m strong, but it hurts. My 2-year-old daughter cries, screams for her daddy, kissing her daddy’s pictures because she misses him,” she said.

Police say they can’t comment on the pending investigation, but detectives have an optimistic outlook on the case.

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