Richmond’s Royster punches into professional ranks

Richmond's Royster set for professional boxing debut

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Jermoine Royster has been around boxing his entire life, but early on, he wasn’t sure if stepping into the ring himself was something he wanted to explore.

“I wanted to be a coach,” Royster said of his early days in the gym. “I didn’t want to fight at first. The only reason I liked boxing was because of the uniforms.”

How times have changed. Once Royster laced up the gloves, he knew he had found his passion and his calling. Now 19 years old, the Richmond native will make his professional boxing debut next month in Mexico. It’s a different realm of the sport in the professional ranks with different rules and regulations than Royster’s amateur days.

“Eight ounce gloves, no headgear, no shirt,” the up and coming fighter explained of the differences. “I’m ready for it. I’ve been fighting a long time, so it doesn’t bother me.”

After a 90-14 record as an amateur, the 19-year old has some busy days ahead. He’ll head up to Capital Heights, Maryland, for a training camp of sorts with coaches and fellow fighters, all in preparation for his June 5 bout south of the border. Royster says that he isn’t nervous for the bright lights of the professional ring and will take in the atmosphere before getting down to business.

“I’ve got to appreciate the moment, but I can’t appreciate it for too long because it’s going to happen a lot more times, probably about 50-60 more times.”

Royster views the start of his professional career as an opportunity, not just for himself, but for his city as well.

“We really haven’t had a good, strong backing behind boxing in a long time,” he explained. “I’m just trying to put this city on the map and just blow up.”

He also sees it as a chance to prove that no matter where a person comes from, anybody can knock out adversity on their way to triumph with the right mindset.

“No matter what city you come from, if you’re a great boxer, great athlete, great showman, you can be on top.”

Royster has been coached his entire career by his father, Jerry, who will be in his corner for his pro debut on June 5. We will keep you update with how Jermoine fares in his first professional fight.

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