Warner works with state to speed up broadband projects

Warner works with state to speed up broadband projects
U.S. Senator Mark Warner (Source: WVIR)

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WDBJ) - As the federal government devotes more money to building out broadband, Senator Mark Warner says he’s working to speed up projects in Virginia.

The state expects to receive more than $200 million for broadband projects, but much of the money won’t be available right away.

Monday afternoon, Warner said he has been talking with state officials to develop financing tools that would get the projects moving as quickly as possible.

“You could have almost a glut in the system come fall, " Warner told reporters during a teleconference. “And I would love to see Virginia be the first state where virtually every locality gets out in front of making sure you get this broadband in a timely way.”

Warner also said another goal is for every community in Virginia to have a broadband deployment plan in place by the end of the summer.

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