‘She is resilient:’ Hanover student survives crash, determined to graduate

‘She is resilient:’ Hanover student survives crash, determined to graduate

HANOVER, Va. (WWBT) - A Hanover County high school senior is determined to make it across the stage to receive her diploma after a serious car crash.

On April 18th, family says 18-year-old Mackenzie Greene was driving home and lost control of her car, approaching a curve in the road. The Hanover County Sheriff’s Office says on Beaverdam Road she collided with several trees.

Greene’s sisters say she crashed into a ravine, and found the strength to climb back up to the road. A couple eventually stopped to help her.

“She was telling me that if another car drove by, she was going to give up,” explained Greene’s stepsister Mackenzie Brewer. “[We are] so very grateful and thankful someone did stop and called for help and held her hand and tried to make her feel safe.”

Mackenzie made her way to the road, unaware she was suffering from a fractured sternum and collarbone, broken wrist, broken tibia and fibula, also a tear in her liver.

“The vehicle was absolutely totaled--if you saw a picture of the car you would be surprised she is still alive today,” said Greene’s stepsister Chelsea Brewer.

Greene is a senior at Patrick Henry High School, involved in sports and excels academically.

“Ever since she set foot on the field at age 5, Mackenzie fell in love with soccer, and has remained on the field ever since, participating on her traveling soccer team for 5 years, and excelling as an all star field hockey player,” her sisters wrote in an online fundraiser. “She was accepted to attend the University of Lynchburg in the Fall, and was offered the highest merit scholarship, a seat on their Doctor of Physical Therapy Direct Admit Pathway, as well as a spot in Lynchburg’s Honors Program. Mackenzie works at SCOR, where she coaches soccer and is loved by her managers, other coaches, and ALL of the kids.”

Greene’s family says she has always been a positive person, and that spirit is getting her through the multiple surgeries she has endured after the accident.

“They did amputate [her right leg] from under the knee down,” said Mackenzie Brewer. “She is a very positive person and I think that being how she has been her whole life really transferred over into dealing with this terrible accident.”

Greene has more surgeries scheduled before her rehabilitation process begins, but her family is grateful she is still with them. The community has raised more than $20,000 to help with the continuous medical costs.

Her sister Chelsea says if she were to meet the people who helped her sister, Chelsea would likely break down in tears.

“We are very fortunate that they were able to stop and they sat with her and held her hand, the gentlemen took his shirt off and wrapped her wounds and held her hand while they waited for the paramedics,” said Chelsea Brewer.

Sharing a message through her sisters, Greene says she is thankful for the community and the medical team that has continued to help her.

“She wanted to give a shout out to her Patrick Henry Family , a special shoutout to BeaverDam Baptist Church, SCOR and also a shoutout to Siege Performance Group,” said Chelsea Brewer. “And a thank you, thank you, thank you to all of her doctors, surgeons, nurses, care providers, everyone at VCU Critical Care and VCU Medical, they have been an absolute delight and heaven send to her.

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