Colleges, universities still deciding on COVID-19 vaccine requirements for students

Colleges, universities still deciding on COVID-19 vaccine requirements for students

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Many colleges and universities in the Richmond area are still deciding whether or not to make the COVID-19 vaccine a requirement for students in the fall.

This comes as Attorney General Mark Herring release his opinion, at the request of Delegate Mark Keam, that colleges and universities have the authority to require vaccinations for students

In the fall, Virginia Union University says they will require certain students to get the COVID-19 vaccine. These include students who are coming to the school for the first time, students living in University housing, athletes, and students who are in band or choir.

Virginia State University and the University of Richmond both say they haven’t made a decision on this mandate yet.

VCU also said they are looking over Herring’s guideline as they make decisions for the fall. VCU also says they currently don’t require teachers, students and staff to get a COVID-19 vaccine

Lizzie Smith, a VCU freshman, says she would support this mandate to keep the school community safe.

“I think that would create a safer environment for the teachers that work here and for everyone to come back safely in the fall,” she said.

Hannah Rossi, another VCU freshman, also says the mandate would stop community spread from happening.

“I feel like it would definitely help in terms of preventing the spread,” she said. “The more vaccinated students are, the less cases there will be on campus.”

Carl Reed, another VCU student, believes the decision to get the shot should be up to each student.

“I don’t think they should prohibit someone coming back to school simply because they don’t have a vaccine,” Reed said. “I think universities should encourage and strongly encourage students to get vaccinated.”

Virginia Union University also says they will be opening up their campus as a vaccination site starting on May 7.

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