Student, community members protest school board’s George Wythe High rebuild plan

Group protests George Wythe High plan

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Students and community members took to the streets to protest plans for a new school in Richmond. But this protest wasn’t against building a new George Wythe High, it was against how the school board plans to do it.

Friday afternoon, George Wythe senior Corey Stuckey and several dozen community members took Broad Street by storm.

“Today is about listing our demands and making sure our demands because I’m tired of getting tired,” said Stuckey.

The group protested the school leaders’ plans for a new George Wythe High School without help or input from the city, which many fear will mean a longer wait for the much-needed new building.

“We’re not wanting until 2027 to get a new George Wythe when it’s been on the list to be rebuilt since 2002,” said Stuckey.

Walking in solidarity, the group marched down Broad Street with signs and a bull horn - magnifying their voices to let the city know change needs to happen now.

“We shouldn’t have to do this in year 2021, we shouldn’t have to do this right now, it’s ridiculous,” said a community protester.

The group marched to City Hall, hoping the officials inside would hear their message that students and community members need more input.

“We’re asking right now that the school board reconvene on their proposal,” said another community protester.

Corey and the community members say the resolution was passed without their input, and all they want is equal say as they are the George Wythe community.

“People’s moms and grandmothers was hearing the same thing when they were going school, that their school was going to be rebuilt and they’re still waiting. And it’s sad that we’re still waiting for the change that we desperately need for the last 30 years,” said Stuckey.

Change doesn’t happen overnight and committee meetings are on the calendar to further discuss the plan, but Corey hopes that today helps sway those discussions.

“After today, I want them to have us in their meetings sit down with us talk with us because we make the decisions we are the people,” said Stuckey.

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