Remember to look at reviews when ordering online

Remember to look at reviews when ordering online

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Whatever online purchase you are considering, it’s always good practice to at least look at the reviews.

Sara Skirboll is a shopping and trends expert with RetailMeNot. She gave us a few of her secret tips.

She says look at the 5-star reviews, but also look at the bottom one-star reviews.

That ought to give you the middle ground.

“Also look at the pictures that’s a really good piece of advice and then you can tell for yourself if something is going to work out for you or not,” Skirboll said.

Another thing you can do on Amazon is sort a product you are considering.

You can sort by price or most recent listing, but Skirboll says to sort by reviews.

That way you can see easily see the top-rated products. Then you can take the average and trust your gut.

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