GRAPHIC: 911 call, bodycam footage of deputy shooting Virginia man released

Updated: Apr. 25, 2021 at 1:41 PM EDT
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SPOTSYLVANIA Co., Va. (WWBT) - The Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Office has released the 911 call and bodycam footage of the deputy-involved shooting that happened on April 21.

Earlier on Friday, the Spotsylvania Branch NAACP said it had arranged for the victim’s family to view the footage before it would be released to the public.

Prior to the shooting, Virginia State Police said a sheriff’s deputy gave Isiah Brown, 32, a ride to his home in the 12200 block of Catharpin Road after his car broke down.

Isaiah L. Brown
Isaiah L. Brown(The Cochran Firm)

VSP said the sheriff’s office was called again to the residence a short time later. The call to 911 was categorized as a domestic situation between Brown and a family member.

***WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO: The video below is graphic in nature***

During the 911 call, Isaiah tells the dispatcher that his brother is preventing him from getting into his mother’s room and getting his vehicle, which was broken down.

In the call, the dispatcher says “what is going on Isaiah? Why don’t you just, what is the problem?” Isaiah then replies, “I’m about to kill my brother.” The dispatcher tells Isaiah not to do that and asks why he would say that.

Later in the call, the dispatcher asks Isaiah if he has a gun, to which he replied “yup.” The dispatcher then says, “you have a gun on you?” and Isaiah replies, “nope.” The dispatcher again later asks if he has any weapons on him and Isaiah says, “nope.”

As the call continues, Isaiah tells the dispatcher he is walking down the road with the phone. Sirens can then start to be heard in the background and the dispatcher tells Isaiah, “you need to hold your hands up.” Isaiah says, “hmmm,” and the dispatcher “hold your hands up. Isaiah, are you holding your hands up?”

That’s when the deputy arrives and yells to Isaiah “show me your hands” several times before saying, “drop the gun.”

In the bodycam video, the deputy says “he’s got a gun to his head. Drop the gun now and stop walking towards me.” The deputy tells Isaiah again to stop walking towards him before seven shots are heard being fired. Isaiah is not yet visible in the video before or during the shooting.

The deputy radios in that Isaiah has several gunshot wounds to the abdomen and begins medical aid. That is where the video ends.

“The officer just started shooting at him for no reason. I didn’t hear a warning shot. All I heard was ‘Hands up!’ one time. And all he had was his phone, so I know he put his hands up,” Isaiah Brown’s brother, Tazmon Brown, told NBC Washington.

The family told NBC Washington that Brown has 10 bullet wounds and has injuries to the face, neck, chest and pelvic area.

State police said Brown was unarmed when the shooting occurred.

“Trust of our local law enforcement relies on transparency and accountability,” said Mozett Petway, president of the Spotsylvania Branch NAACP. “We are grateful for the preexisting relationships with our local law enforcement officials that helped expedite this vital request. The Spotsylvania Branch NAACP will continue working with the family and investigating this incident.”

***At the time this story was written, a different spelling for Isiah Brown was provided. Attorneys have provided the correct spelling as Isiah Brown instead of Isaiah Brown.***

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