‘Stan the Dinosaur’ comes to RVA

‘Stan the Dinosaur’ comes to RVA

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - ‘Stan the Dinosaur’ has arrived in the Richmond area and is calling the soon-to-be-open, “Great Minds,” his new home.

This is one of 10 full-size, T-rex models in the country and is the only one found in Virginia.

“This is as realistic as it gets,” said Lynne Munson, CEO & founder of Great Minds. “He is an almost complete replica of what a T-Rex would have looked like thousands of years ago.”

The dinosaur stands at 40-feet-tall and weighs 2,700 pounds. It took a crew of people to mantle together his bones for the better part of Wednesday afternoon. Munson said her company decided to bring the replica to RVA after seeing her son’s reaction to it.

“You could see the awe he had for it, and these incredible beasts that were once here,” Munson said. “We want children and their families to come here and see that wonder for themselves.”

Families will not have to wait long. Great Minds, a group of education leaders looking to enrich young minds, will be open in the summer of 2021, where Stan will be waiting for visitors.

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