Virginia resident encourages everyone to check unclaimed property

Virginia resident encourages everyone to check unclaimed property
Tom Holden (Source: Tom Holden)

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - The Department of the Treasury’s Unclaimed Funds Division has been hard at work during the pandemic.

Their mission is to return unclaimed property to the citizens of Virginia. That could include bank accounts, insurance proceeds, stock and bonds, or even tangible property like rings.

Last year, they returned $67.8 million dollars to the citizens of Virginia.

Tom Holden, a resident of Harrisonburg, recently went through the process of claiming money from his father’s estate.

Tom’s father passed away 10 years ago, and he knew that there was some items leftover that he hadn’t been able to claim. He heard about the Unclaimed Funds Division and decided to try it.

“I called them and got someone immediately,” Tom said. They were able to help him find the unclaimed property and walk him through the process of scanning the proper documents to prove that he was the beneficiary of the assets.

They also gave him an estimate of how much it was going to be.

Tom said, “She guesstimated a certain amount, and that got my attention.” They finished the paperwork and told Tom to expect a check within 4-6 weeks.

When he received the check, Tom said that it was almost double the original estimate. He is encouraging everyone to check, even if you don’t think you have anything.

“Even if you don’t think so, you should check, you really should and I wish I had done this. I knew that it was out there, but I just didn’t want to go through the hassle of the paperwork and the application and blah blah blah. This, doing everything electronically was just smooth as silk, it really really was,” Tom said.

If you’d like to check for any hidden property that you may have, the Department of the Treasury’s Unclaimed Funds Division will be answering calls on April 21st from 4 p.m. - 7 p.m.

This event toll-free phone number is only used for our call events.  If you need assistance, contact us at our general helpline:, or visit their website anytime here.

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