State agency waiting for Windsor Police Department to begin implicit bias training

State agency waiting for Windsor police department to begin implicit bias training

WINDSOR, Va. (WWBT) - Following the backlash from the traffic stop that landed the Windsor Police Department in hot water, the chief has promised to work with state agencies to right the ship following the backlash from the now controversial December traffic stop of 2nd Army Lieutenant Caron Nazario.

“What we have is an opportunity to learn and to grow, and to teach our officers to get some more input from our community,” Chief Rodney Riddle said during a press briefing Wednesday. “I’ve been in touch with the Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police, I’ve been working closely with them to line up some training.”

But those changes might not be happening as soon as some would like. The association’s executive director, Dana Schrad, says there are three types of training the department could elect to receive. A free module on implicit bias cultural diversity training, an in-person course on de-escalation and communication techniques, and an additional course on citizen police encounters.

Schrad says at this time the Windsor Police Department hasn’t completed any additional training including the free module.

“If they’re interested in those specific courses, then we can help them to schedule. But that’s just the start,” Schrad said. “We’ve got to kind of negotiate through this and figure out, you know, how we can best help them what they can afford, and what is most critically needed first.”

Schrad says it’s up to the department to decide when it will take those measures, adding that there is also no statewide requirement that any police agency completes the free implicit bias module.

“There’s not a requirement, but we made sure that when we worked through this curriculum, that it qualifies for two hours of cultural diversity credit out of the total four hours of credit. And that culture diversity credit is mandated,” Schrad said. “There was definitely some questionable things, some unprofessional things that were said, by that officer to the lieutenant, and those things in and of themselves, to us were, were very concerning.

NBC12 reached out to the Windsor Police Department as to when that training is expected to begin. At this time, NBC12 has not heard back.

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