Chesterfield unveils plans for next school year

Schools unveil learning option for fall

CHESTERFIELD, Va. (WWBT) - Parents in Chesterfield have less than two months to decide whether they want to send their children back to the classroom for the upcoming school year. This comes as school leaders are preparing to start the school year sooner than usual, and the district is pushing face-to-face instruction.

Chesterfield leaders admit math and reading scores are not quite where they want them to be. One way around that, they say, is getting students of all grade levels back into the classroom.

School districts everywhere have had to make some tough calls over the past year: Stopping school, starting it back up, going virtual.

“My niece, she’s a straight-A student, but even during this time she struggled a little bit because you get complacent and you get distracted,” Monica Kellam said.

It’s one reason Chesterfield is urging parents to bring their students back for in-person learning when the school year resumes on August 23.

“There are more people are getting vaccinated, so it’s getting safer I think,” Chelsea Dunnavant said.

Chesterfield leaders say it will be safe and that the risk for spreading coronavirus at school is low. They realize not all parents will be on board, so they’re providing options. Elementary and middle school students can still learn virtually but they may not have a teacher from their home school.

For high school students, they can also learn virtually but only in a self-paced format rather than a teacher meeting with them on a set day-to-day schedule.

Students who do not plan to return to the classroom must inform Chesterfield Schools by June 1.

“We’re kind of on the path to normalcy, and I think that’s great. I think that’s what we should continue to do,” Adam Boyer said.

“We all need some socialization so I know for the kids, they need that too,” Kellam added.

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