Police investigating possible connection between two deadly shootings in Richmond

Police investigating possible connection between two deadly shootings in Richmond

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - The Richmond Police Department is investigating a possible connection between two deadly shootings on Gilmer Street.

“It was so close and so sudden that it was really alarming,” said Sarah Gregory, a VCU senior who heard the gunfire.

According to a VCU Alert, police were called to the second shooting - for the second night in a row - around 8:13 p.m. on Monday. When they arrived at the 400 of Gilmer Street, officers found a man dead on the sidewalk.

Police identified the victim as Cody Woodson, a 20-year-old VCU student from Buckingham. Officials said a suspect was seen running west in the alley between Marshall and Clay streets.

Cody Woodson
Cody Woodson (Source: Family)

“It’s just an awfully tragic thing to happen to somebody so young. And when you are just starting your life,” said Gregory.

Police roped off a portion of Gilmer Street in front of a couple of houses. A neighbor said he was in his house on West Marshall Street when he heard seven to eight gunshots. Others living nearby also said they heard the violence play out and are now worried.

“Recently there’s just been a lot of warnings, a lot more emails, you know, a lot of VCU kids dying recently. I can’t really even go outside much often because I just hear a ton of gunshots. I can’t even leave my window open and that frightens me. It’s just been freaky,” said Hope Powell, a VCU senior who also heard the gunfire.

On Sunday night, Richmond police responded to Gilmer Street for a report of a shooting. Detectives are now looking into a possible connection between the two shootings and whether or not drugs were involved.

When officers arrived at the scene Sunday night, they found a 17-year-old with gunshot wounds. During a news conference Tuesday afternoon, Richmond Police said this case is likely linked to marijuana.

“I can tell you that drugs were a factor in the first incident, and we’ve got even more information from crime stoppers and people calling up that there was more information that led to that,” said Chief Gerald Smith, Richmond Police Dept.

A man who lives nearby said he’s lived there since 1976 and has never seen anything like this.

”No. Never at all in this area. Even though it’s in the city, it’s pretty quiet. You might have a few people checking your car door, but as far as murders, never,” Ronald Abernathy said.

No arrests have been made. Both VCU and Richmond Police are stepping up patrols in the area. Anyone with information can call Crime Stoppers at (804) 780-1000.

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