The pandemic isn’t hitting everyone hard financially

Some folks have not lost jobs or wages

The pandemic isn’t hitting everyone hard financially

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Some folks may not have lost a job during the pandemic. They may have had a steady income coming in and even had the aid of those stimulus checks.

But you probably also haven’t been going out and spending money.

So if this is you, Cherry Dale a Financial Coach with the Virginia Credit Union says it’s time to evaluate what your expenses were before the pandemic happened. Where were you putting your money and time?

“Simply go back to your bank statements before the pandemic hit. Maybe pull last January and February bank statements and look at where your money was going. Did you go out a lot? Did you go to the movies? Did you go to Target a lot?” Dale asked.

Then, pull your statements from right now and compare.

Dale says this is where you start to plan for things that are going back in your budget. Expenses you haven’t had for more than a year. This is pre-planning and budgeting at its best!

Dale says it’s important to figure what you are going to be spending your money on once the pandemic winds down. So, there’s no sudden shock to your budget.

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