Start looking at what can go back in your budget

Start looking at what can go back in your budget

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - One day life will start to get back to normal. When that happens, all the things we haven’t been spending money on will creep back up again.

Think about it. A lot of us have been working from home. So, you probably haven’t spent much on gas. That’s going to need to go back into your budget one day.

Childcare is another. With so many of us at home, you may have pulled your kids from daycare, and that’s something you are going to need to budget for again in the summer or fall.

Cherry Dale, a Financial Coach with the Virginia Credit Union says the same goes for groceries.

You may be eating out less and buying more at the grocery store. Eventually, that could change.

“If that is something that is really important to you, you need to cut back on your grocery budget for your family at home. That way you will continue to have money to go out,” Dale said.

One more example is you may have signed up for all sorts of streaming services during the pandemic. Sites you might not need next year.

So look for things you can eventually cut out of your budget once we start to get on the other side of this pandemic.

Your budget may start to get more fluid again.

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