George Wythe senior to graduate with GPA over 5.0

George Wythe senior to graduate with 5.0 GPA

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - The pandemic has been tough for a lot of students, especially those in high school, but George Wythe senior Harold Aquino is making graduating at the top of his class look easy.

There probably isn’t a math problem Harold couldn’t solve and fewer classes the Aquino hasn’t aced.

“Calculus 1, calculus 2, pre-calculus, calculus 3... Math is just like a river, you kind of just flow with it,” Aquino said. “I’d rather just be looked at as any other average student.”

But Harold is far from average. He’s graduating at the top of his class and he has the GPA to prove it.

“It’s a 5.1392,” George Wythe math and computer science teacher, Kakim Fung, said.

Aquino achieved a high GPA by taking advantage of George Wythe’s dual enrollment program, where he was able to take classes at Reynolds Community College, John Tyler Community College and Virginia Commonwealth University. In addition to taking college classes, Aquino was also able to receive transferable college credits.

Fung says that Aquino will have more than just a high school diploma when he graduates in May.

“He’s graduating with an associate’s degree in computer science, an associate’s in mathematics, and an associate’s degree in social sciences,” Fung said.

“I have not seen a kid like Harold,” said George Wythe principal Joseph Pisani. “Just being an academic powerhouse, his skillsets are singularly dimensional, they are multi-dimensional and it’s just exciting to see that.”

Fung says he has been an integral part of Aquino’s education, such that he even paid for some of the math classes he’s taking now at VCU so that he could achieve his goal of being a math teacher.

“If someone wants to be a math teacher, they shouldn’t stop taking math their senior year,” Fung said. “I want to emphasize that it’s a growth mindset that students need to take. They can go anywhere with that kind of mindset, and Harold has definitely capitalized.”

Aquino says he’s been accepted to nearly a dozen colleges and universities, including VCU, which is his dream university. If he commits, Aquino says he’ll have enough credits to enroll as a college senior, but he says wherever he decides to go, he says he’ll be coming right back home to serve Richmond.

“Once I graduate, I want to come back and try to teach at George Wythe and try to give another student the same opportunity I was given,” Aquino said.

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