Chesterfield vaccinates more than half of its adult population

More than half of Chesterfield is vaccinated

CHESTERFIELD, Va. (WWBT) - Chesterfield once seemed to be struggling when it came to getting shots to the people who needed them most, but now Chesterfield has already vaccinated more than half its adult population.

As of Wednesday, that needle reached 58.8% percent of its adult population who’ve received the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccines. The county’s health district Director, Dr. Alexander Samuel, credits the spike in shots to an increase of statewide supply and greater assistance from the Chesterfield County government.

“This by no means is a district-only accomplishment,” Samuel said. “We’re able to more efficiently move people through our POD operations here at the locality level, and in addition to that, fire and EMS folks have helped us a lot.”

Samuels says the health district is modeling its’s goal after the states to have 75% of the adult population vaccinated by May.

“We seem to be marching in that direction, trusting that demand, meaning people interested in getting the vaccine stays stable,” Samuel said.

So far, Chesterfield is leading the pack within our viewing area at 69.8% percent. The Richmond-Henrico Health District reports 28.9% of its combined adult population has received at least the first dose. While the Chickahominy Health District says about 34% of its adult population has received the first dose.

But Samuel says the community needs to think beyond herd immunity by vaccinating enough people to prevent the spread of new variants.

“You have the potential for more variants the more unvaccinated people are out there who could potentially spread,” Samuel said.

Samuel says the next plan will be to expand vaccination to the district’s pediatric populations, but at this time there is no specific date of when that might happen.

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