‘It’s very offensive’: Neighbors upset over blow-up dolls hanging from trees

Neighbors upset over blow-up dolls on trees

LAKEWOOD, Colo. (KMGH) – A back-and-forth between next-door neighbors is now spilling over to the rest of a Colorado neighborhood.

Four blow-up human dolls and a blow-up llama doll were hung from tree branches in the neighborhood over the weekend.

Neighbors are taking issue with the dolls hanging in plain sight.

“It’s offensive to me,” said neighbor Rhonda Valdez. “It’s offensive to my neighbors. It’s degrading, it’s disgusting and it needs to come down.”

The dolls hang over the property of the man who owns them. Video footage shows one tree being on his neighbor’s property.

The dolls, intended to be little more than gag gifts, are not anatomically correct, but KMGH has still chosen to blur them because they could be offensive to viewers.

“My grandson the other day pointed it out to me,” neighbor Andy Hodler said. “You know, you just don’t like to have to explain this thing.”

The two neighbors directly involved have had disagreements over the years about everything from tree limbs to cars parked in the backyard, they both said off camera.

“I’m not sure what the things are trying to say here, or prove here in this particular situation, but it’s very offensive, not only for a person of color, but for anyone as you see something like that,” neighbor Morris Thompson said.

Valdez said the display is “offensive to me because I see it as objectifying women.”

When asked why he displayed the dolls, the homeowner responded: “That’s all I could get.”

The homeowner said it’s within his rights to keep the dolls up, and that’s what he plans to do.

“I think the worst part is that kids are seeing this and, you know, I think we all, as adults, need to be role models now in our society,” said an unidentified woman in the neighborhood who spoke about the situation.

The Lakewood Police Department responded to a call to the location on Sunday.

Both homeowners said police came back on Monday to try to settle the issue.

Police said there is no criminal or ordinance violation, and like some holiday decorations that are put up, not everyone agrees with the display.

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