Additional Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine doses arrive in Richmond/Henrico

Additional Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine doses arrive in Richmond/Henrico

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Richmond and Henrico’s extra allotment of Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine has arrived.

The additional shots comes at a critical time for the area. Health leaders say they need more doses per week to keep up with demand.

Virginia has received 49,000 doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Richmond and Henrico will use its 10,000 doses at both large and small vaccine clinics.

“These additional doses, every week that we get additional doses is obviously a good week in this year 2021. And this week is no different. So we are seeing some increases in our allotment here in Richmond and Henrico,” said Ruth Morrison, RHHD Policy Director & COVID-19 Vaccine Coordination.

The health district says that will help workers get more people in group 1B vaccinated.

More than 20,000 in that group are waiting to be contacted for an appointment and there’s at least 17,000 pre-registered in group 1C.

But the Johnson & Johnson shipment is a one-time thing, with the hopes production will increase, and more doses come this way.

“Our assessment is that we do need more doses on a weekly basis so that we can vaccinate more individuals in 1B,” said Morrison.

For Richmond and Henrico, Moderna and Pfizer vaccine supply remains constant at around 12,000 doses each week.

“As we see on-going increases in our allocation including this one time weekly shipment of J&J that we’re getting all of these increases get us closer to 1C and get us closer to the general population,” said Morrison.

Expect announcements on transitions to 1C and the general population in a few weeks.

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