2021 may be a good time to convert to digital banking

2021 may be a good time to convert to digital banking

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Do you still file paperwork and write everything down in a notebook, but you’ve been curious to learn some of the latest technology?

You are not alone, and you can move into the digital age with some training.

Cherry Dale, a financial coach with the Virginia Credit Union, says it’s a great goal for the year - especially for older Americans that are less inclined to use the latest technology

Learning to pay your bills online instead of through the mail eliminates a lot of hassle and fear about a check being delivered.

“If you’re having problems, like getting onto online banking or you know it’s kind of scary for you, I would encourage people to reach out to their financial institutions to set up a meeting with them,” said Dale.

Most of the financial institutions are happy to walk you through the process, or they offer training and tutorial videos online. You can just ask a trusted family member for help.

Sitting down for an hour or two to learn a site. We all need refreshers and training every once in a while.

Learning how to bank online might make it easier to manage your finances, and it is certainly quicker than having to go to a bank to make a deposit.

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