Revolutionary Soup employees save the life of coworker who had a heart attack

Revolutionary Soup employees save the life of coworker who had a heart attack
Outside Revolutionary Soup (Source: WVIR)

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - The manager at Revolutionary Soup is breathing a sigh of relief after his teams quick thinking and swift actions saved the life of their fellow coworker.

“He was not with us. He had passed and it was scary. His face was completely purple,” Revolutionary Soup Manager Jaryd Polson said.

Wednesday, March 10, was no ordinary day in the kitchen at Revolutionary Soup.

“We had been closing early and doing extra work, more than we would normally do in the kitchen,” Polson said.

Polson says his staff was in the middle of packing a larger catering order, when one of his chefs suffered a heart attack.

“He was at the grill and we heard a clack because there in the back there is a metal wall. He kind of hit the metal wall. He looks around at us. He dropped to his knees and his foot got caught underneath the stove, and fell back like that and just cracked his head right on the ground,” Polson said.

That’s when Polson and his coworkers dropped everything to save their friend’s life before EMS arrived.

“I administered CPR for a solid three minutes thinking that we might not have enough time,” Polson said

In those critical minutes, Charlottesville Police Officer Tammy Shiflett and Corporal Steven Young answered the call, and ran in to help revive the chef.

“I noticed he was laying down on his back. I checked to see if he was breathing and I noticed he wasn’t breathing. I couldn’t get a pulse,” Shiflett said. ”He was definitely not with it at all, so immediately CPR was started.”

After Shiflett performed CPR on the man for a few minutes, Young jumped in to help.

“We pumped on him for about 10 minutes and in between that he was shocked in the heart by rescue squad. It was the first time I’ve ever done CPR where someone was completely unresponsive and then like a shot out of a gun, just woke up,” Young said.

The Charlottesville Police Department, the Charlottesville Fire Department, and Revolutionary Soup employees all came together to keep the chef alive.

“He took a deep breath and he started gasping for air and everything like that, but it took that full two and a half, three minutes before the first responder came to get here,” Polson said.

Polson learned CPR 10 years ago and together with his staff, saved a life.

“Even in the thickest of weeds that was the best teamwork. I’ve been doing this for 11 years. That was the best teamwork I’ve ever seen,” Polson said.

The team is now looking forward to seeing their friend back in the kitchen, doing what he loves.

“Last night I actually got to talk to him on the phone. He’s OK. He’s alive and well. He’s talking. He told me on the phone that he had a bone to pick with me because I’m the reason why he hurts so bad. I was like no, I think it’s because you had a heart attack,” Polson said.

Polson said the chef is in stable condition at UVA Medical Center and is eager to come back to work.

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