Physician says it’s time to reschedule any missed routine visits with your doctor

Physician says it’s time to reschedule any missed routine visits with your doctor
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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Many people delayed routine visits with their doctor during the pandemic, but one physician says now’s the time to reschedule those appointments.

“Delaying care for screening preventions, screening for colonoscopies for colon cancer, breast cancer, other screening exams, are meant to help patients to be able to catch diseases before they become life-jeopardizing diseases,” Matthew Miller, a breast cancer imaging specialist at UVA, said.

Last March, UVA Health and other hospitals were advised to put a temporary pause on mammograms and other cancer catching screenings.

“Here at UVA, we did see a drop in our mammograms as we intentionally followed those guidelines. We saw about a 99% drop in our screening mammograms,” Miller said.

However, Miller says there are still patients to this day delaying preventative care.

“We’re still trying to recover from that deficit of that lack of imaging for those patients we’re trying to recapture and help all patients come in for their screenings,” Miller said.”

That’s why it’s important to get checked now before it’s too late.

“The risks from postponing needed routine care, continue to go up each day that we wait, so I would definitely encourage patients to speak with their doctor even over the phone if they need to try to get themselves back in to see their physicians,” Miller said.

Miller says UVA’s Breast Care Center follows very strict protocols to minimize the risk of a patient caching COVID-19 while getting a mammogram.

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