VDH is asking people to check their vaccine registration

VDH is asking people to check their vaccine registration

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - The Virginia Department of Health is saying everyone should verify and update their pre-registration records now to make sure the data in the statewide system is correct.

“But we don’t have complete records either because they weren’t entered or because they weren’t actually asked for or collected on the front end. So this is an important opportunity for people to go in, make any updates,” said Dr. Danny Avula, State Vaccine Coordinator.

Individual health departments are continuing to transition pre-registration data to the statewide vaccination website. Remember, at first local health departments were in charge of pre-registering people, then the state took it over.

There’s also the possibility you have additional questions to answers. If your registration is missing important information, your appointment may be delayed.

“There have been a few things added. For example, as the 1B category continues to evolve, you may find yourself eligible in 1B where you weren’t before. And you can update that information,” said Dr. Avula.

This weekend, the blitz to vaccinate about 12,000 seniors gets underway in Richmond and Henrico County, including using the Johnson & Johnson vaccine Monday.

“If you are waiting to get a call for COVID-19 vaccine, please answer your phone,” said Jennifer Welch, Call Center Section Chief.

With all these mass vaccine clinics, VDH and those working in call centers are imploring seniors and others to answer their phones, even if they think it’s suspicious, and check your spam folder.

“The ones we actually reach, and answer their phones and get them scheduled, how rewarding it is to hear how thankful these individuals are because they’ve been waiting for these phone calls,” said Welch.

In this area, the hope is to move into the rest of group 1B, those aged 16 to 64 with an underlying condition or disability and even more essential workers, by the end of this month.

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