Online university offers ‘resiliency grants’ to help students amid pandemic

Online university offers ‘resiliency grants’ to help students amid pandemic

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - One online university is making things a little easier for their students this year, giving away more than a million dollars to students who say they just can’t make ends meet because of COVID-19.

“We have seen greater need during the pandemic than any other time in our history,” Regional Vice President of Western Governors University, Rebecca Watts, said.

That’s because more than 70% of WGU’s students work full-time and go to online classes full-time. This is hard enough on its own, but when the money isn’t coming in because of COVID, it makes it even worse.

“They are working so very, very hard, they’re goal-oriented, they’re tough, they’re resilient. That’s why it’s important to us to support them to reach their goals,” Watts said.

So, the university came up with the “resiliency grant,” which goes directly to students most affected by the pandemic - giving out $2,500 in the first term and then $700 for each term after that.

“They just provided such a platform for my type of setting with the household work, and I’m constantly working, so the platform and the concept was just perfect for me,” WGU graduate Anthony Riveria said.

Anthony is already a graduate of WGU and owns his own business now - so he didn’t apply for the resiliency grant but says he knows many of who this could benefit.

“WGU - they’re amazing. They definitely helped me and many others who go to the school to help keep their lives on track,” Riveria said.

The university says this grant is given on an individual basis and will work with others to make sure everyone has a chance at success.

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