Church Hill pharmacist helps vaccinate vulnerable communities

Church Hill pharmacist helps vaccinate vulnerable communities

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - In Richmond, a locally owned pharmacy in Church Hill has helped hundreds of people 65 and older get their first dose of the vaccine.

Hope Pharmacy, inside the Market at 25th, has continued to offer clinics in the city of Richmond.

Owner and operator, Dr. Shantelle Brown, says being a part of the Church Hill community, she wanted to ensure the most vulnerable people within Phase 1b of vaccine eligibility have access to it if they are interested.

“We need to educate, as well as give access and vaccinate so we won’t leave anyone behind,” said Dr. Brown. “We are the most vulnerable, people of color - when I saw what the statistics were and when you look on the maps, they show all of the different areas, Richmond is always red. So, I wanted to make sure we are purposeful and intentional in getting the community in Richmond [vaccinated].”

Dr. Brown has worked with local churches and offered four clinics so far at different senior housing communities. She remains focused on helping communities of color get access to the shot. The next clinic offered by Hope Pharmacy will be on Friday, Feb. 26, and those eligible have or will be contacted.

“We are hoping to get a lot [of vaccines] done Friday with the list that we have, so we can get to other lists,” she said.

Hope Pharmacy has several lists of people interested in getting their first dose. Those 65 and older interested in getting a vaccine can contact Hope Pharmacy with questions. Hope Pharmacy has set up a voicemail for people to call to ask questions and get their name on a list to get a shot.

Dr. Brown hopes in a few weeks, people younger than 65 with underlying health conditions will be able to get their vaccine through Hope Pharmacy.

”It makes me feel really proud to be a part of it. It is overwhelming at times, but it is something that has to be done, so I am taking the initiative to make sure we get everyone vaccinated who wants to be vaccinated,” said Dr. Brown.

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