VDOT urging drivers to avoid the roads Thursday

VDOT urging drivers to avoid the roads Thursday

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Work got underway Wednesday to ease the treacherous road conditions likely to come from this round of winter weather.

Transportation crews are gearing up for more ice, and of course, more trees to fall over roadways. That’s why they’re telling drivers to avoid travel Thursday.

It feels like Deja vu for many drivers who braved the roads during the last ice storm.

“I take my time. I just take my time,” Lisa Goode said.

“The main roads were fine. The side roads were a little bit sticky,” Fadi Zein added.

Wednesday, VDOT got to work pre-treating the roads that they could. Some areas they couldn’t get to because freezing rain is expected to hit and that would just wash away the treatment.

“Right now, there’s still some damage from the storm on Saturday, so that’s a factor too as we move into this storm. There could still be some areas that we have to treat from the last storm so it’s just trying to move through everything as it comes,” said VDOT spokesman Kyle Gibson. He urges drivers who don’t have to be out Thursday to stay home. “As people saw on Saturday after the storm was over, trees were still falling down and this could still happen in this storm too so we’re expecting...icy conditions, down trees, road closures, down power lines to still be a problem. "

You don’t have to tell driver Dorothy Branch twice.

“There are certain people that have to be out there, and I’m not one of those that have to be out there. So stay off the roads for those that have to be out there and leave it for them.”

There will be safety patrols and two trucks on interstates Thursday morning, ready to respond to the accidents that seem inevitable whenever there’s an ice storm.

“There is no safe way to drive on ice,” Gibson said.

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