How to give yourself a break, reset goals

We are nearly a year into the pandemic. It’s ok to reset goals.

How to give yourself a break, reset goals

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) -It’s been a rough year and it’s ok to take a moment to just relax, not stress and maybe even plan some fun for your family.

Maybe you didn’t save as much as you wanted in 2020. Or maybe you lost a job and worked hard to find a new one.

Maybe you had to close a business or you lost a friend or loved one. Things don’t always happen as we plan, especially financially.

Kim Palmer a personal finance expert with NerdWallet says just give yourself a break and don’t be too hard on yourself.

“A lot of people have to rebuild and maybe we’re not where we wanted to be or expected to be a year ago but just start wherever you are and start small and then you can just improve from there,” Palmer said.

Sometimes it’s all about the mindset.

Goals that seem small or insignificant could also just help to get you slowly get back on track. Slowly reset.

It’s ok to take a moment or even a few months to just breathe.

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