Central Virginia seniors growing frustrated over CVS Health COVID-19 vaccines

Pharmacy chain set to start administering doses Friday

Central Virginia seniors growing frustrated over CVS Health COVID-19 vaccines

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - More frustrations as thousands of senior citizens in Central Virginia battled technology and each other to get one of those limited vaccination appointments with CVS Health.

Many of you spent hours yet again trying to log on and get a time slot with no luck.

“Incredibly frustrated, yeah. And you know I really feel for the thousands of other seniors, probably 10′s of thousands, doing exactly what I was doing last night,” said Manson Boze, who is a Manakin-Sabot resident.

In a statement CVS Health said, “We understand the high demand for vaccine is outweighing the current supply of vaccine available. The good news is that every appointment that is booked represents a shot in an arm and a vaccinated person. As more vaccine supply becomes available from the government, we will be able to schedule more appointments and vaccinate more people. We have the capacity and the capability to vaccinate more people at more locations and we stand ready to do so as soon as vaccine supply increases.”

There’s remarkable interest in the COVID-19 vaccine and there’s limited supply each week so those CVS Health appointments just go really fast and it will be like that for a while.

CVS Health also said in its statement, “We expect more appointments to be made available next week, when we receive our second allotment.”

Friday between 10 AM and 7 PM, CVS Health will offer appointment-only COVID-19 vaccinations in Virginia at 36 locations including in Richmond, Midlothian and Mechanicsville.

Thursday morning, the registration process opened again for additional appointments in the commonwealth, and they went fast.

Seniors from around the area, including Manson Boze, spent hours on online overnight, working their way through the system, only to find out in the end, the appointments had been filled. Boze began his online appointment search at midnight and continued into the morning.

“Watched as the availability disappeared over the course of time, city by city, they showed no appointments available and then by the time I was finally able to schedule an appointment at 9 o’clock this morning there were no appointments left anywhere in the state,” said Boze.

Friday, CVS Health will be administering 26,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccine in the state. Right now, the pharmacy chain is only vaccinating seniors aged 65 and older. CVS Health will also get a constant weekly shipment of 26,000 vaccine doses for now, helping to increase state supply by 20%.

CVS Health COVID-19 Vaccine Link: https://www.cvs.com/immunizations/covid-19-vaccine

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