RHHD: Remaining portion of group 1B can get COVID-19 vaccine by March

RHHD: Remaining portion of group 1B can get COVID-19 vaccine by March

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - The Richmond and Henrico Health Districts says it won’t be until next month before vaccines can go into the arms of those in the rest of group 1B.

Meanwhile, vaccine supply to those places remains flat as RHHD is set to receive another 6,300 doses this week. But with 560,000 people living in both places, that weekly allotment only covers about 1.1% of the population.

As information about how and where to get a COVID-19 vaccine becomes more streamlined, RHHD is continuing the community conversation online.

“This week we will continue on with our large scale mass events. We will continue to vaccinate our independent living facilities on-site through our mobile van,” said Amy Popovich, RHHD Nurse Manager.

About 117,000 eligible people are on the vaccine interest list. Right now, Richmond and Henrico are inoculating those in group 1A and part of 1B.

In the other part of 1B, people aged 16 through 64 with a high-risk medical condition or disability, will likely have to wait until March due to supply. But the health districts will provide an online interest form for those folks to fill out starting February 15.

“Given that I discussed 1A and 1B make up about 50 percent of our population, it’s just a drop in the bucket, the amount of vaccine we’re given,” said Popovich.

Over the weekend, churches in Richmond got involved in the vaccine effort.

“They were a group, a network of faith-based leaders who said wait a minute. Have you ever seen an Easter Sunday and how many people we can actually get organized to come to see us and move them through? And we actually took that to heart,” said Dr. Robert Winn, M.D., Director of VCU Massey Cancer Center and leader of Facts and Faith Fridays.

Hundreds got a shot by listening to faith leaders call for all of us to do our part. This is part of the continued rollout of the vaccine into more areas of the community.

“They stepped up to the plate and how could we partner and as we saw on the south side at second street Baptist church this past weekend and other churches,” said Dr. Winn.

By Wednesday, the local health districts will also expand data online about the vaccine to include information like race to track equity issues going forward.

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