VDOT: Slushy roads may be gone, but there’s potential for re-freeze overnight

VDOT urging caution on wet, slushy roads

HENRICO Co., Va. (WWBT) - The Virginia Department of Transportation is warning drivers about the potential for icy roads ahead of the Monday morning commute.

While Sunday’s snow may have been wet, and sometimes mixed with rain, people were still out enjoying the quick winter blast!

“The slushy roads are a mess, but when it’s a snowy road it seems to be a lot easier to drive on,” said Adam Smith, of Henrico.

That is when you will typically see plowing happening, not necessarily with this slushy formation on the roads.

“We start plowing when snow values accumulate to over two inches,” said VDOT spokeswoman Bethanie Glover. “So, in a lot of parts of our district that hasn’t happened, and we don’t want to damage the pavement.”

That is why drivers were asked to take precautions when out on the roads early Sunday.

“The key is to not be too confident,” Glover said. “Just because the roads look clear and slushy, that doesn’t necessarily mean it can’t cause you to lose control of your vehicle.”

“I’m not planning on getting in a car today,” said Laura Gogia, of Henrico

Instead, Gogia decided to adventure out on foot.

“I walk every day; it’s part of my pandemic regiment,” she said. “It’s my alone time, so I just enjoy the fact that the sidewalks are passable, and I can get out and do my walk.”

Those slushy conditions didn’t stop Smith from walking his dog Maverick either.

“Maverick loves every weather,” he said. “He just loves being outside. My wife and I just love taking him out in all conditions.”

However, Sunday’s snowfall didn’t quite impress some youngsters.

“It doesn’t really work for sledding,” said seven-year-old Ella Wildauer.

“Last snow was a lot thicker and stuff,” added Chris Vanschaften who was also out attempting to sled.

While most of Sunday’s snowfall melted by the early afternoon, VDOT crews are prepared for more potential dangers as temperatures dip into the low 20s overnight.

“Refreeze is going to be a big concern if pavement is still wet,” Glover said. “So, what we’re asking drivers to do is delay travel and if you have to go out to be sure to slow down, reduce your speed and allow extra time to reach your destination.”

Meanwhile, crews will continue working 12 hours shifts and treat roadways to ensure they are safe for travel.

“With salt and sand to melt ice and provide traction for drivers,” Glover said.

If you come across a hazard in the road, you are urged to call 1 (800) 367-7623 so crews can address the issue as soon as possible.

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