Community donates 3,800 N95 masks to CCPS staff

Parent coalition donates masks to Chesterfield staff

CHESTERFIELD, Va. (WWBT) - In Chesterfield, a group of concerned parents continues to donate N95 masks to protect school staff who will return to the classroom.

The Friends of Chesterfield Schools Coalition has started an online fundraiser to ensure teachers and staff have N95 masks while they teach and work in schools.

“In all, we have around 3,800 masks we donated,” explained a parent who asked to remain anonymous.

The CCPS parent and his family decided to front the cost of the initial 2,600 masks in order to get them to staff, they ordered 800 more hoping to give them to bus drivers. CCPS said the Transportation Department has been giving N95s to drivers all year and says it suggested the coalition donate those masks to schools for teachers.

On Friday and Saturday, the Friends of CCPS Coalition coordinated pick up and drop off of masks.

By Tuesday, all elementary schools in Chesterfield will receive an N95 mask donation. 1,001 staff members will receive a pack of 3 CDC approved N95 masks per staffer, but the coalition says it is important to keep fundraising to buy more.

“We weren’t able to donate to every single teacher. A lot of teachers said that they would split the package and give them to their teachers on their staff and they will get in on the next round of donations,” said the parent.

The parent says the coalition has raised $4,900 to continue buying masks, but in recent days fundraising has slowed down. The hope is that community members will keep donating to reach a goal of $6,000 to continue buying and donating N95s to schools.

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