Dominion Energy offering home assessment that could lower your bill

Dominion Energy offering home assessment that could lower your bill

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - If you are a Dominion Energy customer, there’s a free program you can sign up for that may help you lower your bill slightly.

Is your home costing you money, and you don’t even see it? Brian Rich, owner of Woodshire Construction, may be able to tell you. He’s part of Dominion Energy’s Home Energy Assessment program.

“It usually saves people a pretty penny overall,” said Rich.

You sign up, at no cost to you, and a licensed contractor shows up at your door.

First, the contractor changes all your lightbulbs. Trying to replace incandescent bulbs with new LEDs, which are brighter, last longer and use less energy.

“The benefits are they don’t’ have to take the time or the effort to go to the store to buy all the or purchase all the bulbs,” added Rich.

Contractors also may install aerators and do a water temperature check.

“Also, if your hot water heater’s electric then we can try to check your showerheads and then possibly wrap your pipes for you as well,” said Rich.

The rebate is paid directly to the company doing the work, so there’s no money out of pocket for you. The home assessment usually takes an hour or so. It helps Dominion Energy with the power grid by changing what you pull from it. It also could lower your bill a little, according to Dominion.

Here’s a link to Dominion energy’s home assessment program. Woodshire Construction will also take your call to see if you qualify.

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