Henrico school board members discuss timeline for return to in-person learning

Henrico school board to discuss timeline for return to classroom

HENRICO, Va. (WWBT) - During Thursday’s Henrico School Board meeting, members discussed the possibility of a final timeline and date for when students can return to in-person learning.

One of the top items up for review was the school district’s COVID-19 vaccination response. The board says in the past week they’ve undergone a massive vaccination effort. The county’s Chief of Staff Dr. Beth Teigen says school nurses have administered more than 6,100 doses of the vaccine to faculty and staff in the past week.

“Between 47 to 51 of our school nurses staffed the vaccination event each day, and 1,417 doses were administered to HCPS staff. This week we’ve had between 55 to 57 of our school nurses daily, and they have administered over 4,700 doses to HCPS staff,” said Teigen. “Next week we expect 40 to 48 of our nurses to administer another 1,200 does to our Henrico staff.”

The board discussed two timelines to get teachers back in the buildings.

  • Timeline 1: staff would return to the classroom after the first dose of vaccine around mid-February
  • Timeline 2: staff would return after the second dose sometime after February

“Regardless of the timeline for expanding in-person learning for students, it was recommended by committee members that staff without accommodations should return to their school buildings as soon as Feb. 8, if they have not already, to begin practicing mitigation strategies they would need to employ while in our buildings,” Teigen said.

As for getting students back to learning in-person, the board agreed to have a special meeting next Thursday to discuss a hard date.

“I believe Henrico has led the way by continuing to prioritize the health and safety of everyone during this pandemic,” Brookland District member Kristi Kinsella said. “I’ve heard this from so many folks, that when there is a timeline they would like it to be held firm without delay.”

The county says that by March all employees who have asked for the dose should be completely inoculated.

Since December, the board says there have been four outbreaks, all of which were confined within teacher workgroups. There has been no transmission between students and teachers as of this week, since that time.

The Health Committee says, according to data, even at the highest level of community transfer it’s still safe to send students face-to-face if the highest safety standards are taken.

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