‘Most hardworking player’: Cosby High School mourns loss of baseball player Steele Kirwan

Cosby High School mourns the loss of Steele Kirwan

CHESTERFIELD, Va. (WWBT) - Cosby High School is mourning the loss of Steele Kirwan, a baseball player known for his hardworking and kind attitude. Kirwan died Saturday evening after a lengthy battle with cancer.

“He was always there, even when he couldn’t play because of the cancer, you just know that he was always in the dugout supporting everyone,” said Michael Schwartz, athletic director of Cosby High School. “Even then he was a great player, a true leader on the field.”

The baseball team honored Kirwan by displaying his jersey, number 7, on the field. Flowers, balloons, and even plastic cups forming his number have been placed at the memorial.

“There’s even a fake duck and owl out there by his jersey, some kind of inside thing with the team,” Schwartz said. “They’re all really close.”

Kirwan’s father described him as both his best friend and hero. The school said they are working on plans to honor Kirwan in the coming weeks, but request people stay away from the school itself because of the pandemic.

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